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MagikEye at CES 2024!  MagikEye to showcase its groundbreaking Pico Depth Senso at CES 2024. Click Here For More Details



The basic principle of Magik Eye’s 3D depth sensors is based on the triangulation method using an infrared laser and a CMOS image sensor. However, using a unique algorithm developed by Magik Eye 3D, point cloud data can be acquired at high speeds and with very low latency using simple hardware configuration.

Magik Eye Developer Kit with the ILT001 sensor, a.k.a. DK-ILT001, is a 3D sensor designed to connect to a Raspberry Pi single-board computer. It is aimed at researchers in companies and laboratories at universities who want to easily evaluate Magik Eye technology and to explore depth sensors' applications in various technical fields.

The hardware of ILT001 has laser projector, CMOS image sensor and electrical circuits for connecting Raspberry Pi.

A Raspberry Pi and a connected DK-ILT001 module are converted into a network-connectable 3D sensor by installing Magik Eye firmware and calibration data.


ILT002 is an evaluation kit based on MagikEye’s proprietary Invertible Light Technology, It combines a simple infrared laser projector with a standard CMOS image sensor to achieve 3D imaging at more than 600 FPS. ILT002 aims to evaluate Invertible Light Technology's capability at the high performance levels for latency and FPS.

ILT003 is an evaluation kit providing a 3D Sensing Camera module based on MagikEye’s proprietary Invertible Light Technology, along with the capability of capturing monochrome images illuminated by Infrared flood light. It combines a simple infrared laser projector with a standard CMOS image sensor to achieve 3D imaging at up to 100 FPS. ILT003 aims to evaluate the captured 3D point cloud data and Infrared images simultaneously.

Please consult the representatives of MagikEye to know more details of Evaluation Kit


The ability to see clearly and understand the surrounding environment is critical for robots and many machine vision applications. Current 3D sensors often have trouble with things like reflective surfaces, un-textured white walls, bright sunlight, dark interior spaces, and translucent objects such as windows. MagikEye was designed to see all of that, and more.

Our family of 3D sensing solutions support a wide range of applications, from smartphones, robotics and surveillance applications. Our solutions offer the smallest, fastest and most power-efficient 3D sensing. MagikEye’s technology also includes greater field of view (FOV) flexibility than all other methods. This flexibility includes hemispherical fish eye depth sensing and 90-degree FOV that is capable of speeds up 300+ frames per second (FPS).

Magik Eye's technology is based on Invertible Light™ which is our new theory for depth sensing. Invertible Light™ is a breakthrough of optics and mathematics that generates a 3D point cloud, using only a regular dot projector and an image sensor. By projecting a regular dot pattern on an object, the Invertible Light™ method, composed of a small set of data and a direct algorithm, computes 3D depth data in an ultra-high speed manner. The result is the smallest, fastest & most power-efficient 3D sensing.

Invertible Light™ is in stark contrast to current 3D sensing methods. For example, Structured Light requires the projection of a specific or random pattern to measure distortions. The result is significant power, multiple components and complexity of production. In contrast to the Time of Flight (ToF) method that is good for longer distances, Invertible Light™ has greater visibility in shorter distances with similar advantages of size, speed and power-efficiency.

Less laser power consumption
Variable FOV and lens distortion
Efficient calibration process instead of active alignment
Higher S/N to handle more variety of reflective materials
Direct algorithm with minimal computational power


most power efficient
simple hardware design

Can use most optically efficient lasers (1/10th of Structured Light)
Implemented with a VCSEL & DOE and clever algorithm

Simplified production process with no active alignment needed



Facial Recognition

Mobile devices are changing the way we communicate, shop, and more. Cameras are more than just taking pretty pictures. With Magik Eye, they can recognize individual faces and differentiate them.



Businesses and consumers are increasingly depending on robots to perform tasks to support human capability. Magik Eye ensures these powerful robots see the world crystal clear.

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The world of mixed reality offers up a new and exciting way to see the world. With Magik Eye, the ability to sense in full 360 degrees will enrich the experience and enhance the viewer’s perception.


MagikEye's Pico Image Sensor: Pioneering the Eyes of AI for the Robotics Age at CES.

STAMFORD, Conn - [December 20, 2023]

-Magik Eye Inc. (www.magik-eye.com), a trailblazer in 3D sensing technology, is set to showcase its groundbreaking Pico Depth Sensor at the 2024 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Live demonstrations of MagikEye’s latest ILT solutions for next-gen 3D sensing solutions will be held from January 9-11 at the the Embassy Suites by Hilton Convention Center Las Vegas. Demonstration times are limited and private reservations will be accommodated by contacting ces2024@magik-eye.com .

Collision Avoidance - MagikEye at ESRF

Grenoble, France - [August, 2022]

MagikEye provided a solution where the controller can remotely see the surroundings of the expensive objects in real-time and all in 3D. So the user can choose which view and where to look. As data is in 3D, it is easy to detect objects and measure the distance, which is crucial to prevent collisions and plan future movements.


Shikino High-Tech CO.,LTD. acquired an unknown stake in Magik Eye Inc.

Toyama, Japan - [June 7, 2022]

Shikino High-Tech CO.,LTD. (TSE:6614) acquired an unknown stake in Magik Eye Inc. on June 7, 2022. Shikino High-Tech also signed an memorandum of understanding with Magik Eye for joint development of camera modules that utilize this technology.

Press Release - English
Press Release - Japanese

MagikEye Announces a Pre-Launch of Invertible Light Technology (ILT) Development Kits for Select Group of 3D Sensing Developers.

Stamford, CT - [July 15, 2021]

Magik Eye Inc. (www.magik-eye.com), an innovative young company bringing new technology to high volume 3D sensing applications, will be releasing its latest Invertible Light™ Technology (ILT) development kits to select 3D sensing developers. “With its high speed, low latency and superior surface visibility at near ranges, developers will now have a great new tool for object detection, guidance and gesture recognition. We are excited that developers can now explore optimal use cases for applications such as robotics that are truly effective for near-range applications and easy to use” said Takeo Miyazawa, Founder & CEO of MagikEye.

DK-ILT001 Product Support Page
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We harness technology to make electronic eyes that exceed our own ability to see the world.

Our company was established in 2015 to bring about a new vision.
Utilizing techniques from brain science, we are enabling new types of products that see and understand the world around them to take better action.
See it all. Know it all.

Takeo Miyazawa



Takeo Miyazawa

Founder & CEO

Scientific entrepreneur & computer vision expert with a rich history of venture startups worldwide.

  • Founder, Cognitens, acquired by Hexagon

  • Founder, Gentech

  • Founder, Kizna

  • B.A. Psychology, Sophia University, Tokyo

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Jan Heller


Researcher in the field of artificial intelligence with an expertise in computer vision, and robotics camera calibration.

  • Software Engineering, Sun Microsystems

  • Researcher, Czech Technical University

  • Ph.D., Computer Vision, Czech Technical University

  • M.S. Computer Science, Charles University, Prague


Feisal Afzal

Co-Founder & COO

Venture Investor, Entrepreneur & Former Management Consultant with track record of building businesses from the idea stage.

  • Managing Director, Pound Capital

  • Vice President of Marketing, Kizna

  • Management Consultant, PwC

  • B.A. Honors Political Science, University of Toronto


Skanda Visvanathan

VP of Business Development

Experienced Business Leader with more than 20 years in the semiconductor test & measurement industry in the US, Europe, Asia and South America.

  • Vice President of Business Development, ams AG

  • Vice President and General Manager, 3D Imaging Solutions BU, Heptagon

  • Masters in Communication Engineering, Hamburg University of Technology

  • M.B.A, University of Warwick


Tomaso Poggio, Ph.D.

  • Professor, Department of Brain & Cognitive Sciences, MIT

  • Director, Center for Brains, Minds, and Machines

  • Co-Director, Center for Biological and Computational Learning

  • Director, Mobile Eye and early Advisor to Deep Mind

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Tony Jebara, Ph.D.

  • Professor, Department of Computer Science, Columbia University

  • Director, Columbia University Machine Learning Laboratory

  • Director, Machine Learning, Netflix

Tomas Pajdla, Ph.D.

  • Assistant Professor, Czech Technical University, Department of Cybernetics

  • Distinguished Researcher for Center of Machine Perception

  • Co-Founder, Neovision


US headquarters

1055 Washington Boulevard, Stamford, CT, 06901

Prague office

CIIRC, Jugoslávských partyzánů 1580/3 160 00 Praha 6, Czech Republic

Japan office

ARK LAND Yotsuya 5F
15-5 Yotsuya-saneicho, shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, Japan

India Office

13th Floor, M2 Block, North Avenue, Manyata Embassy Business Park, Outer Ring Rd, Manayata Tech Park, Nagavara, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560045